Alert when dehumidifier needs attention!

A room dehumidifier may be using a condensation water collection bucket. When the bucket gets full the dehumidifier shuts off and an attention indicator turns on. This is easily overlooked if the unit is in the basement or a room that no one visits regularily.

Some dehumidifiers have a "check filter" feature which will stop the dehumidifier even if it is draining to a sink.

Sometimes a user will turn off the dehumidifier, if the fan is too noisy, to make a phone call or watch TV with the intention of turning it on again later. Sometimes the user forgets to turn the unit back on.

The Ruuvi Environment Sensor Tag can monitor the humidity and the minor vibrations of the dehumidifier. Simply place a RuuviTag on top of the dehumidifier!

When the humidity is above the limit AND there are no vibrations the dehumidifier is not runnning when it should.

The influx database which is updated by the RuuviCollector ( An SD card image for raspberry Pi with RuuviCollector ready to go is at MyBeacons), is queried by a job which runs every 15 minutes. It evalutes the humdity and the status of the dehumidifier. If necessary it sends a text message to the phone. It is smart enough to send the message only at hours and frequency that are approiate.